How to Date a Filipino Girls – 22 Things to Know

June 27, 2022 admin_jcucpp

The Philippines is a unique destination for anybody who enjoys amazing nature, beautiful beaches, and much more. There are countless reasons why you should go there and have first-hand experience. Nothing, however, compares to the number of stunning Filipino girls you’ll meet during your visit to the island country.

#1 Why Should You Try Dating a Filipino Lady?

What’s so special about these ladies?

There are at least five reasons why you should date a Filipina:

#2 What Do Filipino Girls Look Like?

Typical Filipino appearance

There’s one major reason why Western men like to go back to the Philippines. It’s the gorgeous looks of local females. A typical Filipino female has dark, shiny hair, smooth tan skin, full lips, and beautiful dark eyes.

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#3 What Is a Filipina Personality Like?

Most prominent personality traits

There’s so much one could say to describe these women. However, there are things one will notice straight away:

#4 Why Are Filipino Girls So Popular?

The things that make Western men chase Filipino ladies

It’s not easy to put into words how exactly Filipino ladies do their magic. But if we have to try, we’d say it’s the natural combination of beauty, innate charm, and bubbly personality. Add their passionate nature and great cooking talent and you’ll have a perfect combo!

#5 What Are the Main Characteristics of a Filipino Lady?

Traits that make them stand out

It would be wrong to say that all Filipino ladies in the Philippines match a certain standard. But once you visit the islands, you’ll notice the traits that set the majority of Pinay ladies apart. For one, you’ll find that they prefer to be open and straightforward about their feelings. Another interesting characteristic is that Filipino ladies can and will work hard to achieve their goals.

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#6 What’s It Like to Have a Filipino Girlfriend as a Western Man?

Dating experience

Dating a Filipina can be a rollercoaster. On one hand, these girls are shy and easily embarrassed. On the other hand, Filipino girls are very passionate and extremely jealous. One thing you can be sure of: they’ll love taking care of you and making you happy.

#7 What Are Filipino Dating Rules?

Things to know when dating a Filipina

Chances are you’ll figure out what makes your girl tick as you date her, but here are a few useful tips:

#8 What Qualities Do Filipino Ladies Look For in a Man?

The traits they would they prefer you to display

One of the great things about these ladies is that they don’t care about your financial situation or looks. But Filipino females will definitely want you to be this:

Filipino girls will want some fairy-tale romance and need you to show that you’ll be there for them whenever necessary.

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#9 How Do You Impress a Filipina?

The things you should do to sparkle her interest

These girls aren’t the most demanding you’ll ever meet. Impressing them isn’t that hard. Just make sure you treat her, her beliefs, and her ideas with respect. Show your sense of humor; every Filipino lady from the Philippines loves to laugh. Show your appreciation for her family and the food she cooks. Finally, learn some Tagalog!

#10 What Are the Perks of Dating a Filipina?

The greatest thing about dating her

One of the best things about dating a Filipino girl from the Philippines is that she’ll make you feel the center of her universe. She’ll take care of your needs, cook great food for you, and make your time together incredibly fun.

#11 How Do You Know If a Filipino Woman Likes You?

The things that show she’s into you

One of the first and surest signs that a Filipino woman is into you is her getting less shy around you. Other ones are she’ll want to cook for you and introduce you to her family.

#12 Where Can I Find a Pinay Girl to Date?

The ways to meet a Filipina

There are two main options: to meet her online or to go to the Philippines. Use one of the reputable dating websites to find some Pinay ladies and get to know them. Or go straight to the islands and enjoy the climate and nature and some local ladies. Consider visiting places like Manila, Angeles, or Boracay.

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#13 Why Do Filipino Ladies Look for Foreign Husbands?

The reasons for them to choose foreigners over local men

There are various reasons why these ladies choose to date and marry Western men. Here are the major ones:

#14 How Are Women in the Philippines Treated?

The situation of Filipino ladies

Because Filipino society is still very traditionalist, women here are still expected to perform their traditional roles. Meaning they are seen as wives, mothers, and housekeepers. At the same time, they have access to education and jobs. Over recent years, the situation of women in the country has significantly improved.

#15 Do Filipino Women Make Good Wives?

Things that make them great spouses

Filipino girls are a pleasure to date but an even greater pleasure to be married to. Here are a few reasons for this:

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#16 What Kind of Men Do They Like?

The male traits they find appealing

Filipino women are not hard to please. Filipino women will want you to be respectful to them and their family. These ladies will also expect you to be generous. This doesn’t mean that they’ll want you to throw loads of money at them. Filipino women will be happy with simple gifts and signs of attention.

#17 Are Filipino Ladies Looking For Serious Relationships?

How ready are they to commit?

Most definitely yes. Odds are by the time you meet her, your Pinay lady already knows what she wants. The majority of Filipino girls in the Philippines aim for a long-term commitment, a strong family, and children.

#18 Are Filipinas Passionate?

How do Filipino females feel about the physical side of romance

These women are very passionate and affectionate and always strive to please their men in all ways possible.

How to Date a Filipino

#19 Do Filipino Ladies Like Cooking?

The level of cooking skills

These girls don’t like cooking. Filipino women absolutely love it! What’s more, Filipino females can cook amazingly delicious dishes for you to enjoy. You should keep in mind, however, that no food is too spicy for them.

#20 How Close Are Filipino Females to Their Families?

Filipino relationship with family

Very close. You can be sure that your date’s family will know everything about you. One of the easiest ways to win a Filipina’s heart is to make friends with her family members. And in case she agrees to relocate and live with you, be prepared to see her talking to her family over video calls every day.

#21 Are Filipino Women Only Interested in Money?

How genuine is their interest in foreign men?

It’s a common misconception that all Filipino ladies from the Philippines are gold diggers. You can find this type of woman anywhere. This doesn’t mean that all Filipinas are after your hard-earned cash. Filipino women will likely expect you to provide a certain level of security for them but that’s not an unusual hope to have.

#22 Can I Marry a Filipino Woman in the Philippines?

The possibility of tying the knot in her native country

Yes, you can, provided you have all the papers necessary to apply for marriage registration. It’s not a complicated process. You’ll have to wait for 10 days after the application to get a marriage license. Once you do, you are free to marry your sweetheart.

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Filipino Women FAQ

What Kind of Guys Do Filipinas Like?

These ladies like considerate, giving, respectful guys. All in all, Filipino females won’t demand much from you. Other than support and affection, that is. It’s likely Filipino females won’t care much about the way you look, your age, or how rich you are. Filipino women will, however, expect you to be able to support them and your family.

Are Filipinas Beautiful?

Yes, Filipino females are. These women are stunning and in most cases, this beauty is not so much about physical features as it is about their attitude and ability to smile. There’s just this something special inside them that shines through every time you look in their eyes.


Now you’ve got an idea of how to date a Filipino. These women are sweet, beautiful, passionate, and supportive. Even if Filipino females are not the best wives out there, they definitely make it to the top 5. Use this information to make your Filipino dating successful.