How Much Does It Cost To Get A Filipina Wife?

June 27, 2022 admin_jcucpp

Filipino women make incredible wives, so it is not surprising that thousands of foreign men get married to Filipina mail order women every year. If you want to find a Filipina mail order bride and marry her, it is important to learn more information about marriages and their cost in the Philippines.

In this article, we will describe everything you need to know to marry a Filipina bride. Keep reading and you will find out how to get a Filipina wife, what is the marriage registration process, and how much the marriage cost.

What Do I Have To Do To Marry A Filipina Woman?

Are you not sure how to win the heart of a Filipina woman and successfully marry her? Of course, there are some things you should do before, including dating and going through the marriage registration process in the Philippines. Let’s take a look at what you should do to make a Filipina lady fall in love with you and how to officially register your marriage.

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How to Win the Heart of a Filipina Mail-Order Bride

Before marrying a Filipina in the Philippines, you will go through all the relationship stages. It is always exciting to date a girl you like and it is so important to make the girl fall in love with you too. How to impress a Filipina mail order woman on the first date? And how to build healthy and stable relationships with her? Here are some tips that will help you with a Filipina woman dating:

Marriage License Requirements

International marriage is more complicated than a marriage between people of the same nationality. The reason is marriage law can significantly differ from country to country. And once you said “I want a Filipina wife”, you should learn more about marriage registration in the Philippines and the requirements for foreigners.

To save your time, we want to share with you the list of required documents for foreign people who want to get married to a Filipino bride. Let’s take a look at the list below.

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After you prepare all required documents, you have to fill out a Marriage Registration Form and submit all the documents to the Local Civil Registrar. The fee for applying for a marriage license varies from $2 (100 PHP) to $10 (500 PHP) depending on the city where you are applying for marriage.

The next step is a seminar that you have to attend with your Filipina mail order bride. Once you go through the seminars, you can claim a marriage license that allows you to get married within 120 days after issuing day. The fee for a marriage license is about $5.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Filipina Wife?

Now, let’s talk more about how much marrying Filipina mail order brides costs. Of course, the cost of the marriage mostly depends on future spouses’ preferences, but there are always some things that are crucial for getting married. Here we want to take a closer look at each type of necessary expenses in a perfect marriage.

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Foreigners from 157 countries, including the US, Canada, all countries in South America, and almost all European countries, can enter the Philippines without a visa for 30 – 59 days. It is very convenient for those who want to get married in the Philippines. The visa for all visa-required visitors costs about $258 (13,900 PHP). Let’s take a look at the list of countries in which citizens have to obtain a visa for entry:

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Wedding attire is an inherent part of celebration expenses. Every Filipino bride looks incredible at her wedding and is ready to spend a lot of money on a perfect wedding dress. The price for a wedding dress starts from $160, but the average price is about $300 – $600.

For a groom, a celebration suit will cost much cheaper — about $100 – $300, including a tuxedo, vest, shirt, bow, necktie or bow tie, and pants.

Also, your Filipina mail order bride may want to wear a traditional Filipino gown called Filipiniana. This dress will cost about $50 – $200. For a man, a traditional celebration attire called barong tagalog will cost the same as a wedding suit — $100 – $300.

Speaking of accessories and shoes, their price starts from $50, but sometimes accessories are included in the celebration attire price. And don’t forget about the bridal bouquet and boutonniere for a groom, as it is a symbolic and important part of any wedding gown. The bouquet costs about $100 – $200.

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Where do you want to have a celebration ceremony? It can be held in a church, in the registry office, or in any venues you like, including beach and garden venues. As 92% of Filipinos are Christians, your Filipina mail order bride might prefer a church celebration ceremony. The ceremony in the church in the Philippines usually includes the next expenses:

Civil ceremonies are cheaper and will cost you about $100 – $200. It is a perfect option if you’re not planning a grand wedding ceremony with over 100 guests. However, a Filipina mail order bride most likely prefers a large celebration, as it is an important event in her lifetime.

Pro Tip: If you want to save some money, you can arrange your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place.

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Flower Arrangements

Flowers are important for a Filipino wedding as they provide an aesthetic and help to transform any place into a bright and romantic venue. The price depends on the type of flowers you choose, their amount, and the preferences of you and your Filipina mail order bride. For example, if you want to have a grand floral arch, it will cost from $400 to $5000+. Other popular flower arrangements include:

The larger venue you’re planning to have, the higher your expenses on flower arrangements will be. And don’t forget that such flowers like peonies and orchids are more expensive than roses, carnations, tulips, and other more accessible blooms.

Wedding Menu

Delicious food is an essential thing for any wedding reception. And be sure that your Filipina wife will want to include Filipino cuisine in your wedding menu. There are a lot of catering companies that can provide excellent service for your wedding and fulfill all your wishes. The price depends on the number of guests at your wedding reception and what type of catering you prefer, buffet or seated dinner.

Hiring a catering service will cost you about $1,500 – $2,500 per 100 pax. A buffet catering is usually less expensive than a seated dinner. You can estimate a catering services’ cost for your wedding, given the price of $150 per pax.

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Marrying a Filipina woman in the Philippines you have a chance to choose one of many beautiful wedding reception venues on a beach, in a luxury resort, and in other places. The cost of renting a venue depends on many factors, especially on how prestigious the place is and the number of guests at your wedding. Here is the average pricing for several types of venues (for 100 guests):

If you’re low on a budget, you can save some money by having a wedding ceremony and a venue in the same place.

Pro Tip: Some wedding venues offer catering services as well. They usually provide various menu options, so you can personalize them to your preferences. It would be cheaper than hiring third-party caterers.

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Wedding Rings

We can’t help but mention wedding rings in our wedding budget checklist, as it is essential for any wedding. The price starts from $200, but everything depends on the brand and materials. If your Filipina bride wants to have an elegant and exclusive pair of wedding rings, it will be more expensive and cost about $400 – $1,500.

Total Cost

How much does getting married to Filipino mail order brides cost in total? In the table below you can find the average wedding-related expenses.

Activity Cost
Visa Free or $258
Clothing $450 – $1,000
Ceremony $100 – $400
Flower Arrangements $900 – $5,000+
Wedding Menu $1,500 – $2,500+
Venue $1,000 – $10,000+
Wedding Rings $200 – $1,500
Total $4,200 – $20,000

Keep in mind that it is just average pricing and the cost of your wedding can be lower or higher.

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How Much Does It Cost To Find A Filipino Bride Online?

If you haven’t met a Filipina bride yet, you should try dating Filipino women online. There are a lot of dating websites and marriage agencies that help single girls from the Philippines meet potential life partners online. But how much does it cost to find a Filipino bride? Let’s take a look at what dating expenses you should expect.


Most mail order sites offer several types of subscriptions to their users. For instance, after creating an account on a dating platform, a user gets a free subscription that usually has limited available features and tools.

Paid subscriptions are more convenient, as with a Premium account a user gains access to all the features available on a site. The cost of a Premium membership varies considerably from site to site, because the pricing depends on the range of services provided by each site. Speaking of Filipino dating sites, for upgrading your account to Premium you will have to pay from $5 to $30 per month.


Some online dating platforms use a credit-based system. It means that for using each feature on a dating site you should pay with virtual currency — credits. Users can buy credits with credit/debit cards or some additional payment options. The cost of 20 credits is about $5 – $10.

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Usually, the use of each communication tool is charged per minute or per sent item (photos, videos, stickers). Here are the average prices for popular communication features:

Sending Presents

Gifts is an extra feature that helps Filipino wives find orders and send real presents to the girls they like. Popular gifts are flowers, a box of chocolate, and a bottle of wine. The price depends on what gift you want to order and where your Filipino mail order woman lives. Thus, sending one gift can cost you from $30 to $300. Also, some dating platforms offer virtual gifts that are cheaper but, honestly, not as interesting as real gifts.


Marriage is an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime event, so it is not surprising that most couples try to make their weddings as perfect as possible. However, the price mostly depends on your preferences and budget. Marrying a Filipina mail order bride in the Philippines, you can expect the cost to be from $4,500 to $20,000, including ceremony, venue, wedding attire, and catering. We hope that this article helped you to figure out how to marry a Filipina woman and how much it costs.

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Can You Buy a Wife from the Philippines?

As a foreigner, you can buy a wife from the Philippines. Buying a Filipino bride means paying for communication with her on online dating platforms. The cost of dating services is different, and usually depends on what communication features the site can offer, and what extra features you use. Also, the Filipino mail order bride cost includes expenses for a visa, marriage registration, and wedding.

Is It Easy to Marry a Filipina?

Marrying a Filipina woman in the Philippines is a bit harder than in the US as you should not only provide documents and fill out the Marriage Application Form but also go through several seminars. Once you get a Marriage license, you have 120 days to get married.

How Successful Are Mail Order Marriages?

Of course not all mail order marriages are successful, and finding credible statistics is difficult. Speaking of marriage with a Filipino mail order bride, the success rate is relatively high. The reason is that divorces are prohibited in the Philippines. Thus, local brides usually choose a husband for their whole life and prefer to work on problems in marriage instead of divorce.