How Do You Know If A Filipina Girl Likes You 

June 27, 2022 admin_jcucpp

If you have come a long way from meeting a Filipina girl, getting acquainted with her, and dating her – then you are almost there. The only thing that might bother you is knowing if your Filipina girlfriend likes you for real. You might feel it by her serious attitude to you, the words she tells you, and the actions she makes for you. However, as Filipino culture is quite exotic, you might not understand at once that your Filipino girl loves you. And here is the moment when real experts are needed. No worries though, as we have prepared for you a complete list of signs on how to recognize that your woman from the Philippines likes you. Go ahead and estimate your chances!

Clear Signs That a Filipina Woman Likes You

When dating Filipino single ladies you might spot the peculiarity of their culture: they are very expressive. They love to be emotional, they adore to smile, and they find it important to show all the emotions they feel. However, even these signs are not enough to find out whether your Filipino girlfriend loves you with all her heart. Is her behavior the same to me as to other guys? Is my Filipino girl playing with me? Am I attractive to my Filipino lady? Find all the answers to your questions below.

how do you know if a filipina girl likes you

Filipina Girl Body Language

The first sign that can tell you that your Filipino girlfriend likes you is her body language. You can pay attention, especially to the following peculiarities of her body language.

signs a filipina likes you

Behavior of a Filipina Girl Who Likes You

To recognize signs a Filipina likes you, you can simply be very attentive to her behavior. From the moment of your first meeting, you could find the difference in your Filipino woman’s behavior. And here is how you can know it.

Changes In Behavior Description
Your Filipino girlfriend becomes very caring about you When you spot that a Filipino girl starts to care about your health and your well-being – it is tangible proof of her serious attitude toward you. She would try to do her best to help you even if she is not able to change things.
A Filipino baby wants to stay longer with you When you are going out with your Filipino girl and it becomes late, she will not want to go home. She will try to stay longer with you or just make your meetings more often.
Your Filipino woman first offers you to go on a date When your Filipino girlfriend asks you out first – it is a reason to think that she likes you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be interested in meeting with you very often.
A Filipina says she loves me When you hear these long-awaited three words “I love you” from your Filipino girl, be sure that this is exactly the moment your relationship goes to a higher level.

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Intentions of a Filipina Lady

Another way to recognize whether a Filipino girl likes you or not is to pay attention to her intentions. And you can be sure that she likes you if you find the following desires familiar when dating a Filipino woman.

Interesting to know:
Filipina women quite often live several generations together. They share every piece of news that happens in their life with their close ones. So their relatives are going to know about you from the first date.

Filipina Girl

Desires of a Girl From the Philippines

There is also one thing that will help you to answer the question: “How to tell if Filipina likes you?” She will try to make physical contact with you. When you are walking around, your girlfriend will try to hold your hand or she will just lean on you after a long stroll. In the cafe of a restaurant, your Filipina woman will sit closer to you. She will not want to have any distance between you. And that is a good reason to start thinking about Filipino flirting. From the moment you feel like your Filipina girl wants to have more physical contact with you, you can be totally sure that she likes you. And even more, she wants to be with. So, if you are having a date, pay attention to the way your woman is touching you or hugging you. And when it comes to your kiss – it is the best sign of a Filipina woman’s affection.


Once you meet the Filipina girl, you will definitely know when this girl will send you signals of your sympathy. The first thing that will change in the attitude of this girl is that she will be more open, and she will laugh at your jokes. Of course, like any girl that likes a guy she will have eye contact with you. Once you notice that she is looking in your eyes and smiling, be sure that’s it. Filipina girl that likes you will also try to have physical contact with you, so do not be surprised if during your conversation she will touch your hand or shoulder. She will also introduce you to her family and friends, so they can be sure about you. These are some typical signs that a Filipina girl likes you, so do not lose your chance when you notice some of them in the attitude of a Filipina girl.

how to tell if filipina likes you


How Faithful Are Filipina Wives?

Be sure that when a Flipina girl marries you, she will never even take a glance at other guys. Filipina women always remain loyal to their partners and moreover, they do everything to make them happy. With a Filipina wife, you will totally forget about jealousy since for this woman other men disappear from the very start of your relationship. She will be a caring wife for you and a loving mother to your children. And even if she needs to stay home and sacrifice her career – it is not a question for a Filipina lady. She will do everything to make her family and her husband especially happy.