10 Best Filipino Dating Sites

September 30, 2021 admin_jcucpp

There are more and more Filipino dating sites on the market in 2023. The temptation to sign up on one of them and meet a hot Filipina is growing only stronger. So what are the best Filipina dating sites free, and how do they work? Let’s figure it out together.

We’ve carefully selected these 10 best dating sites in the Philippines, so you can have the most thrilling Filipino dating experience and meet the love of your love.

Best Filipino dating site that we’ll discuss in this article:

  1. FindAsianBeauty – best international dating site to meet Asians
  2. DateAsianWoman – a free to join Asian site
  3. AsianBeautyOnline – the site with many active users
  4. BeautifulAsianGirls – premium Asian marriage site
  5. AsiaLadyDate – site making meeting Filipino girls a pleasure
  6. Filipinocupid – top Filipino site by users’ rate
  7. FilipinoKisses – exclusively Filipino dating site
  8. FilipinoDating – clear and straightforward use
  9. TrulyFilipina – best to communicate and have fun
  10. FilipinaMatch – best casual Filipino dating site


Pros of FindAsianBeauty

Cons of FindAsianBeauty


Pros of DateAsianWoman

Cons of DateAsianWoman

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Pros of AsianBeautyOnline

Cons of AsianBeautyOnline


Pros of BeautifulAsianGirls

Cons of BeautifulAsianGirls


Pros of AsiaLadyDate

Cons of AsiaLadyDate


Pros of FilipinoCupid

Cons of FilipinoCupid


Pros of FilipinoKisses

Cons of FilipinoKisses


Pros of FilipinoDating

Cons of FilipinoDating


Pros of TrulyFilipina

Cons of TrulyFilipina


Pros of FilipinaMatch

Cons of FilipinaMatch

Filipino Dating Etiquette

Filipino dating culture is in some ways similar and different to the dating culture of other Asian countries. The general tendencies like a man taking the lead are still strong in the country. The modern Philippines courtship culture is a mix of the traditional beliefs, religious customs, the influence of the East and West.

The modern Filipino generation is greatly influenced by Western culture. Thus they have a different approach to the dating culture. Here are a few common peculiarities of local dating etiquette.

A Man Initiates Dating

In rural areas, it’s still taboo for a girl to ask a man out or confess her feelings first. The one who asks and marks the beginning of a relationship should be a man. With the influence of Western culture, more and more young Filipinas start confessing their feelings first. However, it’s still very uncommon.

A Man Takes The Leading Position

A Filipino man plays an important role in a relationship. He asks a lady for a date and organizes it. It’s customary for a man to pick a lady from her house and bring her back after the date ends.

The First Date Is Important

A couple of first dates define the future development of relationships. This is when you two get to know each other. Feel free to talk about work, hobbies, family, and education. Kissing is uncommon at this stage. Some girls may allow a slight kiss on the cheek. Passionate kisses, holding hands, and sex is not first date activities.

Family Support

Just like in other Asian cultures, support from family is very important in Filipino society. The family bond between your Filipino crush and her parents is strong. She needs her parents to approve her choice of a future spouse. Thus, a lot should be done to please her family.

Beautify Yourself

In the Philippines, it’s common to appear on a date neat and well-groomed. Filipina women seeking men love to see their men looking fresh, handsome, and clean. Both men and women don’t neglect the beautifying rituals when going out.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Filipino Dating

Rules exist for a reason. Especially Filipina dating rules. These let a foreigner succeed in Philippine women dating and marry one of the charming local singles. The world is beautiful in its diversity. There are more and more interracial marriages nowadays. People of different mentalities and cultural backgrounds unite in happy couples because they manage to find the right approach to each other. So here are the principal dos and don’ts in wooing Filipino girls every Westerner needs to consider.

Do Compliment Her

Filipino girls love to be desired by their men. They love to be treated with care and admiration. Don’t be shy of complementing the features you like the most about her. May it be her sense of humor, cute blush on her cheeks, or her exquisite cooking skills. The most important thing is to speak from your heart.

Do Act Gentlemanly

This is a piece of common-sense advice. It works everywhere in the world. Be a gentleman. If you don’t know what it means, I can explain. It means you’re always respectful and polite. You open the door in front of your open, help her get out of the car, and offer to pay the bill. If you’re expecting something long-term, being a gentleman is very important.

Do Speak About Your Future

Filipino women rarely date for fun. They only start relationships with the intention of marriage. Your Filipino girl will consider you for the role of her husband. She will plan the future with you and think of how beautiful your kids will be. These women are not the kind of girls who’d be scared off when you mention family life.

Do Respect Her Religion

Filipina society is highly respectful. Respect and tolerance are parts of their culture. Citizens are brought up being highly respectful towards the choices of others. If your religious beliefs don’t coincide, a Filipina would be highly tolerant of your choice. The same attitude she expects from you.

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Do Be Sincere

Filipino brides have a good intuition. They can sense if you’re wearing a mask when talking to her. The best way to conquer the heart of a local cutie is to be pretty honest about your plans and desires. Insincerity is the major turn-off.

Don’t Compare Her To Other Women

This is a rule which is not exclusive to only Filipino singles. Regardless of racial background, no woman likes to be compared. Your woman would never be pleased with that kind of behavior. This is considered inappropriate, insensitive, and highly disrespectful.

Don’t Assume That All Asians Are The Same

Asia is a vast region and comprises many nations. Citizens of all countries have their own cultural backgrounds and specific facial features. You can easily tell a Korean bride from a Sri Lankan woman. A Japanese female is nothing like a Filipino lady. Thus, forget all the stereotypes you heard of Asian people and don’t try to apply the same approach to all beauties from Asia.

Don’t Limit Her Freedom

This is applied to all girls, not only Filipina ladies. Yet there are girls who love to obey their men in everything, this is not the thing in Filipino dating. Once a very conservative country, the Philippines is becoming more Westernized nowadays. Telling a woman what to do and forbid her from meeting friends is not the right strategy to win her heart.

Don’t Trust Scammers

There are “good” girls and “bad” Filipino girls. You can easily find the difference by talking to girls. There are a decent amount of scammers in the country. “Bad” girls will ask for your money for a life-saving operation for their granny or to help her sibling get out of debt. It’s not true. “Good” girls are conservative and shy. Very often, they won’t even hold hands in public.

Filipino VS Western Dating

East and West are often opposed. Culture, religion, and mentality make the West and East totally different. Yes, more and more Western traditions are penetrating the mindsets of Filipino citizens. Nevertheless, some cultural differences let me draw the line between the dating culture in the two regions.

Men’s and Women’s Roles

As you already understood, a Filipino man is expected to initiate the relationships. Philippines ladies looking for marriage would wait until a male takes the first step. This is because they don’t want to feel cheap or desperate by courting a guy. American girls treat this issue easily. They see nothing wrong in asking a man out and showing interest in relationships. Women in the USA also don’t mind splitting or paying the bill sometimes.

The Hard To Get Game

Filipino dating is more conservative. A man will need to put lots of effort to win a woman’s attention. The Filipino dating scene is also slower-paced compared to American culture. It takes a couple of dates to promote to the new stage of relationships with a Filipino. In the USA, things are advancing much faster.

Sex Issues

While in the USA, relationships may start with sex, in Filipino culture, sex is the continuation of relationships. Not far ago, locals were done with treating a woman’s virginity with such a thrill. Intimacy now is the symbol of a serious relationship. Couples don’t necessarily need to wait until marriage to have sex.

Best Places To Meet Filipino Singles?

You won’t be surprised to discover there are two best ways to meet singles Philippines. Online dating and love trips. We’ll consider and compare the opportunities of both methods.

Meet Filipino Lady In Manila

Manila is the country’s capital and a vibrant city to meet hot Filipinas. Manila is home to some of the most charming and famous places in the country. A trip to Manila will open a range of awesome opportunities for single men. Vibrant nightlife and day game activities are all possible there.

Meet Filipino Lady In Cebu

Cebu is full of charming Filipina ladies. Just head to the mall, take a seat, and enjoy the variety of gorgeous women walking by. Besides, Cebu city has a lot to make a tourist stop and stare at. Breathtaking views and the traces of Hispanic colonization will ensure your interesting time in the city.

Philippines Dating Services

The fastest and probably the most affordable way to meet a Filipino beauty. Filipino dating sites in the USA have proven to be an efficient tool in winning the heart of a Filipino. Just imagine all the most beautiful brides from all over the country are gathered in one place. Sounds like a paradise on earth!

How Do Filipino Dating Sites Work?

Philippine dating websites are easy to find, register and meet someone on. Experienced love-seekers are aware of all the advantages and pitfalls of a dating site. But what about the newbies? I’ve prepared a few simple tips to help everyone understand how to meet Filipinas online.

Choose The Right Filipina Dating App

At the beginning of the article, you can find reviews of Filipino dating sites worth your attention. You can choose any of the sites from the list or seek another site. The choice is yours. Just make sure the sire corresponds to your expectations.

Fill Out a Profile

When you have an account opened, it’s time to make it attractive to girls. Add a few pictures that illustrate how you currently look, describe your personality. Mention your hobbies, interests, and goals in life. A good-looking profile is a significant share of success.


Communicate and communicate again. If you won’t find love if you’re planning to sign up, upgrade, and sit idly. Filipino women looking for love with a reliable and decisive man. Chat with other members on Filipino dating sites actively to skyrocket your chances for a relationship with a hot Filipina.

Meet A Girl Live

Good news! Many Filipino single women on Filipino dating sites consider relocation. They are willing to move to their husband’s motherland and start a new life there. Without a relocation, a happy end is impossible.