Beauty Standards in the Philippines

June 27, 2022 admin_jcucpp

People in every country have an image of an ideal face and body, and Filipinos are not an exception. While the idea of body positivity is more and more popular in Europe, a lot of Asian women make everything to adhere to strict beauty standards such as fair skin, slim body, and double eyelids.

But beauty standards in the Philippines are different not only from the standards in European countries but from Asian ones too. What is considered beautiful for Filipino women? In this article, we will describe some ideas about the perfect face and body in the Philippines. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Considered An Ideal Face For Filipino Girls?

Let’s first talk about face beauty standards in the Philippines. What is an ideal face for a Filipino woman? It would not be a mistake to say that Korean and Chinese beauty trends don’t have an influence on Filipino girls. However, everything is not that simple. In comparison with China, Korea, and some other Asian countries, Filipino women have several ideas of a perfect face. Let’s take a closer look at these ideas of ideal facial features.

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Mixed-Race Face

Due to the fact that the Philippines was a colony of Spain for many years, there are a lot of beautiful ladies of mixed blood. And such a European-Asian look is considered extremely beautiful in the Philippines.

There are a lot of mixed-race women working in the beauty and entertainment industries. Popular TV hosts, actresses, singers, and models are frequently of mixed parentage. For example, Lisa Soberano, a popular actress and singer, has an American mother and a Filipino father. Other Filipino celebrities with foreign blood are Ellen Adarna, Marian Rivera, Jessy Mendiola, Sarah Alzol Lahbati, and Kim Domingo.

The distinctive facial features of this face type are slightly tanned skin, an oval face with high cheekbones, big almond or round eyes, and a slightly pointed nose. A lot of Filipino women try to look like celebrities with mixed blood and find such facial features very attractive.

TV-Promoted Face

TV commercials have a big influence on beauty standards, especially those that promote beauty products. Thus, the idea of fair skin, a slim face, and double eyelids became popular in the Philippines. This trend came from China and South Korea, where a lot of women use skin-whitening products to make their skin look lighter and use double eyelid tape.

The girls with this face are usually similar to Korean ladies with doll-like facial features and light porcelain skin. They like to wear makeup to emphasize their eyes and make their skin look flawless and silky. Popular Filipino women with this face type are Janella Salvador, Nadine Luster, and Alex Gonzaga.

Filipino Face

Natural Filipino Face

It is a comparatively new beauty trend that is becoming more and more popular among young Filipinos. The idea is to enhance natural beauty without trying to change any facial features. In this way, Filipina women promote the idea of love for their natural skin, bone structure, eyes, and nose shape.

It is considered beautiful to have typical for many Filipinos tanned or dark skin, naturally curly hair, Asian-looking eyes, and a flat nose. People who have these facial features don’t try to change them or hide their ‘imperfections’, they only take care of skin health and fresh look.

This trend is more similar to the European idea of love and a positive attitude to any type of face. Some celebrities who promote this idea are Bianca Gonzales, Mia Arcenas-Branellec, and Ylona Garcia.

What Is A Perfect Body?

A slender body with long legs and a flat waist? It is definitely not about Filipino beauty standards for the body. While ladies from East Asia are engaged in multiple challenges like the A4 Waist challenge and IPhone challenge, women in the Philippines don’t have an idea of being as slim as possible. Their perfect body type is more about a healthy figure with sexy curves. But let’s take a closer look at what height, weight, and figure Filipino girls consider beautiful.

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Ideal Height

Most Filipino women are pretty short — the average height of girls in the Philippines is about 4 feet 11 inches. Thus, a lot of local women want to be higher than they are. Most of the ladies consider a height from 5 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 7 inches as perfect for them.

The height of the most popular singers, actresses, and TV hosts also has an influence on the idea of perfect height. A lot of Filipino female celebrities have a height of 5 feet 1 inch to 5 feet 7 inches. Here are some examples:

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Ideal Weight

The perfect weight for Filipina girls is similar to the ideal weight for Chinese and Korean women. But the difference is in the ratio of weight to height. While Eastern Asians consider 100lbs as the perfect weight for a 5’2’’ tall woman, Filipinos consider the same weight as perfect for a 4’11’’ tall woman. Moreover, most girls are considered beautiful with a weight of about 110-120 lbs.

Filipino women don’t like to be too slim, they prefer to maintain a healthier weight. And the perfect body is also seen as healthy and fit. Next, we will tell you more about beauty standards for a body shape.

Body Figure

There are actually several types of body that are considered beautiful. The first one is a figure with sexy curves. A lot of Filipino women want to have an hourglass figure with a defined bust and waist, but not slender.

You can also meet a lot of Filipino celebrities with this body shape. For example, Saab Magalona, Bea Alonzo, Rita Daniela, Ivana Alawi, and Sue Ramirez are beautiful Filipino celebrities with sexy curvy bodies. However, some of them were victims of body shaming, because there is another body shape that is considered beautiful and which is also opposite to curvy bodies.

The second body type desired by many Filipinos is a fit body. The women who have this body are usually slim, with a defined waist, long legs, and a minimum of fat. They are similar to perfect Korean women but still not that slim and look more healthy. Some Filipino celebrities with fit figures are Kim Chiu, Myrtle Sarrosa, Heart Evangelista, and Maine Mendoza.

How Do Filipino Women Take Care Of Their Beauty?

Every woman, perhaps, has some kind of hair and skin care routine to look fresh and flawless. Filipino women are not an exception. These ladies know how to take care of their skin and hair with natural products. But what exactly helps them to maintain the natural radiance of the skin and have thick and shiny hair? Here we will reveal some Filipino beauty secrets.

Filipino Women

Skincare Secrets

Filipino women know how to take care of their skin with simple natural products. They use different plants and oils to moisturize their skin and make it silky, lighter, and flawless. Here are some products women use in the Philippines for their skin:


Hair care is also important for any Filipino girl, as these women have thick and sometimes curly hair that needs suitable care. What do they do to have shiny healthy hair? Here are some secrets:

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Filipina Beauty Or Thai Beauty?

What distinguishes Filipina beauty from the beauty of other Asian women? For figuring it out, let’s take a look at the table comparing Filipina beauty to Thai beauty below.

Filipina beauty Thai beauty
Usually round, with full chicks and a small round chin Face Oval or round, with narrow chin and
Tanned Skin Slightly tanned
Dark brown or hazel, rounded or almond-shaped Eyes Dark brown, almond or foxy
Full Lips Thin
Flat or slightly pointed Nose High-bridged, longer
Dark brown, curly or straight Hair Dark brown, straight
Curved, with a defined waist, short height Body Slim, a little bit taller


There is not one and only idea of a perfect face and body in the Philippines, as trends are constantly changing. Some modern Filipino women still consider fair skin, high-bridged nose, and almond eyes as perfect facial features, while others prefer natural Filipino beauty or adore mixed-blood Filipino celebrities.

While the image of beauty can be different for Filipino women, the importance of skin and hair care routines is what these ladies agree about. They have a lot of beauty secrets that help them maintain glossy skin and thick and healthy hair.

It’s no surprise that these ladies are among the most sought-after options for Americans and Westerners in general. The reasons for this go far beyond their looks.

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Are Filipina Girls the Most Beautiful in Asia?

Filipina women are definitely one of the most beautiful in Asia. They possess attractive facial features, such as big brown eyes and full lips, tanned skin, and sexy curved figures. A lot of women try to conform to these beauty standards, but natural beauty is also popular in the Philippines.

What Is Filipina Beauty?

A beautiful woman in the Philippines has an oval or round face with big dark eyes, a slightly pointed nose, full lips, and nice shaped brows. Her dark hair is curly or straight, and usually long. Also, a beautiful Filipina has slightly tanned skin that is silty and flawless. The body of an attractive Filipina woman is usually curved, with a defined waist, but a little chubby.

What Makes Filipina True?

There are a few things that distinguish a true Filipino. It’s their attitude to family, cheerfulness, optimism, and faith. They are very practical but flexible and extremely hospitable. There’s a chance that you’ll meet Filipinos who don’t match this description but they would be an exception that confirms the rule.